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Last week we popped into our favorite boutique in Downtown Littleton and spent some time with Rooted owners Tayler and Sara. Walking in the front door of Rooted is like walking into a dream closet. From candles to adorable wall art, jewelry and to-die-for accessories, to the wide array of clothing (we are talking athleisure wear to the most incredible maxi dresses I already have my eye on for my bestie's big day in July) and LITERALLY everything in between and beyond. We could have spent all day with these sweet girls, but we got down to business and got all the good gossip for you...

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UG:  Tell us about Rooted...

RB: We are a low-key, feminine, trendy boutique in the heart of Downtown Littleton. We enjoy styling women of all ages and helping them find clothes in their budget that flatter. With everything under $150, we offer a lot of pieces that won't break the bank that are timeless and unique. We love pulling styles that our customers wouldn't normally choose for themselves to try on because everything looks different off the hanger! 

UG:  What made you decide to open a boutique?

RB: We worked together previously in the fashion industry. We recognized how great our working relationship is and having different industry backgrounds made it possible to come together and bring something to Littleton that they didn't have before. 

UG: What was it like when you first opened? 

RB: It was a super new experience and it was intimidating! We went from having an idea to having a boutique in 10 days! There are still risks we come across, but the loyalty we have experienced makes us feel more comfortable. Littleton is a very tight knit community and we definitely feel like we belong here. 

UG: How long have you been a part of the Littleton fashion scene now?

RB: We are celebrating our 2 year anniversary on June 1st! We moved into this location on Main Street a little over a year ago and it was a huge game changer for us. We experienced growth we couldn't have imagined! 

UG:  Any gossip about a second location?

RB:  Who knows! 2018 could be a big year for Rooted!!

UG: What has surprised you most about owning a boutique?

RB: How many awesome customers we have! The community and all our loyal customers have surprised us from the beginning and we are so appreciative of them.

UG: What is something most people don't know about Rooted?

RB: People are always surprised to learn that we are the owners and not employees. We are always so involved with our customers' shopping experience and happy to greet everyone that walks in the door with a smile and never want anyone to feel like they are just left to find the perfect item on their own. People are also pleasantly surprised when they realize how affordable everything is, especially for a boutique. 

UG: What do your customers love most about Rooted?

RB: Well...not to toot our own horns, but probably how involved we are with our customers. Like we mentioned before, we are always on the floor helping them find the perfect piece. Our customers never feel like they’re just lost inside the store. They get the sense that we are a lot fun, we are always interacting.

UG: Any odd requests from customers?

RB: Hmmmm…. The biggest request we get is for candy! Believe it or not people still reminisce about Lola’s Sugar Shack.. Maybe we will have a bowl of candy out next time!

UG: What are your favorite local spots for food and drinks?

RB: The Alley! They have fantastic margaritas. And Merle’s. And Smokin’ Fins, ViewHouse, The Tavern, we can’t wait to try Grande Station, and Rocker Spirits is our favorite place to get drinks! We pretty much love it all. 

UG: Anything exciting coming up that we need to gossip about?

RB: Always! We are headed to Vegas in a couple weeks to shop for next season. It's a crazy weekend but we love going and hand picking all the best stuff to share with our customers. Once our new inventory is in we will have our annual spring line launch party which is so much fun! We haven't determined a date yet, but there will be a big announcement once we do!

UG: Anything else we should gossip about?

RB: Urban Gossip readers get a 10% discount on their next purchase at Rooted! 

I wish we could translate all the fun we had during this interview into typed format, but that can't happen, so you must go see our friends at Rooted Boutique for yourself. Enjoy and happy shopping!

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Find Rooted Boutique in the heart of Downtown Littleton

2490 W. Main Street Littleton