Let go with Shed Skin & Massage

Walking into Shed Skin & Massage, I will admit, was an interesting experience.  You see, I was told to meet with Amber through a few referrals that think she is just the greatest. So I decided to swing by for an interview. Little did I know, we had meet before! 

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Years ago, when she first got started, my friend held an eyebrow party… You know, when your girls get together and drink mimosas and get their eyebrows waxed at the same time?  Doesn’t everyone do that? HAHA! But seriously, they should.  I can attest to her eyebrow waxing ability and wonderful demeanor. Amber is seriously just a sweetheart!  She runs a quaint little place that is right off Hampden and Santa Fe.  There are two massage therapists and herself, The Esthetician.  I am a big believer in supporting small business, especially when their goal is to help you shed some stress.  Without further ado, UG world, meet Amber Gallegos - owner of Shed Skin & Massage.

Urban Gossip: Tell me about your background and why you decided to open your own place...

Shed Skin: I am a Denver Native and I absolutely love my city.  I'm 31 years old and I was thinking about skin care a decade ago!  As a teenager, I had perfect flawless skin but as an adult I started to get weird acne. Not pustular acne, but little bumps all over my skin and I didn’t think I could be an esthetician with bad skin even if it was my passion. I was working 60 hours a week at a stressful car dealership as a service writer and I kept thinking about skin care… One day I left work and went and applied to The School of Botanical and Medical Esthetics. I came back and quit my job.  I gave my boss 6 months notice while I was attending and finishing school... And in April of 2015 I left and started my own company.

UG: That sounds like a pretty big leap of faith! How did it go?

SS: I signed the lease on my space, got my license and I had appointments the day I opened.  I opened my doors blind.  I had no experience running my own business, managing clients and no experience in the industry. I just did it in a little crap art studio in the art district on Santa Fe. I have not stopped since!

UG: Is this the end? The Dream Job?

SS: It sounds so crazy, but I am finally doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and it feels like it comes so naturally. I'm meant to be working on skin.  I'm meant to be helping people work on things that might make them a little insecure. 

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UG: How did you come up with the name Shed?

SS: That was the big thing with Shed, I had the name before I ever left the dealership.  I told my sister "I want a place where people can come get rid of their stress, their wrinkles, whatever it is that isn’t serving a purpose, and I want to come get rid of all of it. A place for people to shed all of the negativity in their life." And here we are!

UG: What is your favorite part about what you do?

SS: It's really cool, we have chalkboard doors and people write what they want to shed.  I was the first person to write something and it was self-doubt.  I remember the day that I crossed it off; it was a super big deal to me but then having my clients come back and cross off what they had written down was like so inspiring and such a rewarding moment for me.

UG: What services do you offer?

SS: We have a wide variety of services (click here for details) from facials, skin analysis, waxing, massage, and more!

UG: Tell me about pricing, do you have memberships?

SS: Yes we have single services or monthly memberships: facial OR massage: 60 minutes for $49.95 / 90 minutes for $69.95

UG: Do you have a favorite product you could recommend?

SS: We love all our lines and everyone's skin and needs are different but the ARGIL Mediterranean Regenerative Skin Masque Kit by Katari is awesome. We carry products by Kartari, O Method, and a few others. Check out Shed Skin & Massage social media and website by clicking the images below. 

Please contact Amber to learn more about her special offer for the Urban Gossip Readers.


770 W Hampden Ave Unit 250 Englewood CO 80110