Till Death & Co do us part..


When thinking of places we want to go for dinner or cocktails we typically steer clear of places with the word death in them; I said typically.  Our dinner club, Libations & Sustenance, went out on a limb last month and decided we would try out a new place in the happening RiNO district near downtown Denver. With a name as distinct, unique and stressful as Death & Co we had no choice but to risk it.

It’s only fitting that a few months ago Denver was lucky enough to be chosen for a second Death & Co location, the original is in New York City.  This is pretty exciting stuff, at least that’s what all of the journalists said for months as the remodel was under way.  Fun Fact: Death & Co is located inside the new boutique Ramble Hotel, they even serve part of the menu for room service.

This highly coveted experience draws a lot of chatter from New Yorkers for having creative and thoughtful cocktails and an ambiance known only to itself. The owners, Co-founder David Kaplan and partner Alex Day, have made it very clear they are not bringing a New York bar to Denver, they are building a Denver Bar with its own unique ambiance and cocktail menu.  The Westword wrote an article about it back in May of 2018 and they sum it up the best:



“they've hired a team that's 90 percent local, created a whole new cocktail menu exclusive to the Denver Death & Co, and re-imagined the dark, intimate East Village bar as an opulent, wide-open space where the bar, dining areas, cafe and hotel lobby flow seamlessly, with no clear delineations.”




What did we think of this highly raved about venue?

From the beautiful old brick exterior to the excessively large entry doors, to the chandeliers, eclectic use of high back chairs, swanky cigar room feel and layout, to the comprehensive cocktail and food menu, we were impressed! Oh, I didn’t even mention the quaint and romantic patio upstairs.. The menu is very shareable and they offer a wide range of options in a limited selection. The service was on point and they cater highly to allergens and food intolerances. Definitely a place to check out and let us know what you think when you do!