The BEST Holiday Party Checklist


                                                                                               Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


These days, to have a Holiday party go off without a hitch, the host must go the extra mile. Does “the hostess with most-ess” ring a bell? Over the years Pinterest has done an amazing job of making us all feel like we can accomplish anything!  Seriously; DIY projects, diets, cooking, cleaning, organizing, crafting, decorating, Meditating, the list is endless! While most of these in end in “Pinterest Fails”, some, if applied to the right personality and lifestyle, happen to be very valuable.  With that being said; we’ve done our research and we are going to give you what we believe to be the best Holiday Party Hosting Checklist EVER!


It’s 2017 and the digital age has changed everything. From the average invite protocol being a phone call, then snail mail, to finally, E-vites, now it has morphed into an invitation via text!  The same goes for the actual party hosting.  It is no longer a fun cake and colorful tablecloth. You need to be tablescaping! Yup, we said it, tablescaping. I’m sure you are asking yourself a ton of questions, starting with:  what is tablescaping?!  The short and sweet answer is: you are no longer just decorating the table, you are thinking, and actively creating & designing a mood for the event.  


                                                                                                  Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


If you’re starting to wonder why you thought hosting a holiday party was such a wonderful idea, don’t panic.  Use this list to help you stay on track and throw a party that the neighbors will be talking about for years to come!



·         Lists- have a few lists so you can stay organized as things evolve

·         Guests

·         Food & Drink

·         Decor

·         Household to-do’s

·         Vendors (if any)

·         Choose a Theme

·         Food - depending on size this can vary from apps & drinks to a catered event

·         Music - depending on size: Pandora through a bluetooth speaker, DJ or a band

·         Lighting - one of the more important mood setting aspects to a party that most hosts forget about.  For a holiday party think candles, dime lighting and potentially Christmas lights coiled in hurricane vases, or in garland.



Food is the star of the show - If you are a doing an all-out holiday feast there is intense planning involved and may want to consider letting the professional chefs help.  

·         Apps - cheese platter, fruit platter, veggie platter, crackers & dips


                                                                                                  Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash



·         bottled water, minimum 2 non-alcoholic options: soda, lemonade or other juice, tea, coffe and hot cocoa

·         signature cocktail- more than two leaves you to bartend all night - remember instructions on how to make them!


                                                                                                  Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


·         Clean the house

·         Find places for extra seating

·         Place everything out that doesn’t need to be chilled

·         Coolers are a great place for extra storage to keep the fridge clutter free

·         Decorate

·         the key here is to have multiple heights to give the table a wow factor

·         use shoeboxes under tablecloths to give height to different snacks or desserts

·         Pretend you are a guest and walk through the food area and see if it’s all set up with a good flow



·         Being a good host will make the party unforgettable

·         Greet each guest

·         Have a place for coats and purses

·         Say “Thank You for coming!”

·         Show them to the bar and food station if not clearly visible

·         Have a first aid kit on hand (you’d be surprised)

·         Don’t forget to mingle- good rule of thumb is to introduce the guests to each other and then move out of the conversation.

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