Do you Feng Shui?

Allow me to introduce Tanya. I saw her doin' her thang a few months ago and instantly became obsessed. Originally when I was invited to a Feng Shui presentation I agreed to go just to spend some time with the person who invited me, and boy am I glad I did. Let me start by telling you I knew nothing about Feng Shui and wasn't sure what to expect. Should I try to figure out which way my bed is facing? Does it matter that I have zero Asian design inspired decor in my house? The short answer: no. The longer answer: I really knew nothing about Feng Shui and those initial thoughts I had are definitely misconceptions. Tanya has such a deep understanding and genuine passion for what she does that she can answer a barrage of questions hurled at her from all angels with grace and sincerity, offering such simple solutions for whatever is weighing you down.  

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Urban Gossip: Sooo.. who are you?

Tanya Jahnke: I am Tanya Jahnke, Fung Shui expert, wife, mom and Colorado native. I get to do what I love every day which is help people shift their life by using their home as a 3D vision board for their dreams.

UG: How did you fall in love with Feng Shui?

TJ: I was living in New York and had a friend who owned a metaphysical book store. I am an avid reader and lifelong learner, so I went in one day and he handed me a pamphlet on Feng Shui. He said he didn’t know why, but he knew I was supposed to read it. I took it home, fell in love with it and fell down the rabbit hole. There wasn’t a ton of information on Feng Shui out there at the time, but I found a Feng Shui master in NYC and studied with her for three years and that is what set me on my path.

UG: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about Feng Shui?

TJ: (giggles) where to begin… people think it’s a cult, people think it’s a religion, people think I am going to come in and tell them very scary things because there are some schools that do that but it’s not how I practice. People think I am going to come in and make their style very Asian inspired and very incongruent with their taste which couldn’t be further from the truth.

UG: You mentioned “schools of Feng Shui”, what does that mean?

TJ: Ok so Feng Shui is a 5000-year-old ancient wisdom they used in China. It was originally only used by the very wealthy population such as emperors and they used it to pick their grave sites. They figured, in death, if they could be positioned in the most powerful spot that their family would continue to prosper even after they were gone. It started out with the most elite and since then has become more westernized and now there are 6 different main schools of Feng Shui. I practice intuitive based western Feng Shui – you obviously can’t pick up your house and change the direction it faces. I am big supporter of making it fun and making it align with who you are instead of practicing fear-based Feng Shui.

UG: What is your favorite aspect of Feng Shui?

TJ: Hmmm that’s like picking my favorite kid… My favorite aspect is that it actually works. I have 23 years of amazing clients as proof. And skeptics are my favorite. I love that it’s never boring, never the same thing twice.

UG: Speaking of it working, what is your favorite or most memorable experience so far?

TJ: There are so many to choose from, but it’s a tie between these two: 

First, there was a you guy, like 35, who became very, very sick with a lung disease called sarcoidosis. He was a runner, very healthy, young family and the doctors couldn’t pinpoint the cause of his sudden illness. So, we worked together and revealed several obvious health related red flags that we cleared out of his house and he ended up fully recovering to everyone’s surprise. His doctors were astonished at his recovery.

Another is a single mom who had been struggling financially for years. We worked together on her mindset and her wealth and she ended up receiving a surprise windfall from and uncle she had no relationship with whatsoever in the amount of $400,000. I love removing the blocks and allowing the flow in my clients’ lives.

UG: What are some simple Feng Shui things that everyone can do on their own at home?

TJ: Look at the front door. Make sure it’s welcoming, buy a new welcome mat and sweep the front steps. It’s easy, inexpensive, anyone can do this and it’s where everything enters your home. The health, wealth, energy, everything comes in through the front door. It’s your first impression to the world so definitely start there. Also, in your bedroom – think if your most favorite vacation and try to emulate that feeling in your bedroom.

UG: Where would someone who knows nothing about Feng Shui start?

TJ: Follow my social media. I share free, valuable content every day! And my goal is to really show up and give actionable tips that aren’t overwhelming for people. I want to create a Feng Shui family. I want to stay connected with my people and I genuinely care about everyone I interact with, it’s not just a numbers game with me. I want to have a conversation and help people learn.

UG: Talk to me about crystals.

TJ: OK! I am obsessed. Some women buy shoes, I buy crystals. I love them because whatever is going on in any space, there is a crystal to support it. Not to mention they look beautiful and it brings in a natural element. They help disperse natural energy. For example, if your front door is directly in-line with your back door it can mean that your money goes out just as fast as it comes in but a crystal midway between the two doors can slow the energy down and allow it to accumulate and nourish you.

UG: Where is your favorite place to get crystals?

TJ: I love the gem shows, but if I am sending a client to get something I don’t have I love Bloom in Cherry Creek North, she has a great selection. And I love Able Ground and Rocks for the Spirit online and Beloved Minerals. There are also great options on Etsy. The balance is 90% intention and 10% action. So, once we realize what the intention is we can decide what belongs where.

UG: What’s the easiest way to tap into your knowledge aside from your social media?

TJ: We can do a consultation, a Feng Shui analysis which is an in-depth custom report on your space. It ends up being about 25-30 pages and is valid for the entire time you live in your space. It’s fun to get creative and decide what you want to do to your space and when. It doesn’t all have to be done at once, that invites chaos. I am also available for Feng Shui "House Parties" with all types of groups: Ladies' Night In, book clubs, wine clubs etc. 

UG: What’s coming up?

TJ: I am launching a 6-week Feng Shui and Abundance online mini course.  Signup will be on my website and additional information can be found on my Facebook page. My book is almost finished! Keep an eye out for the release date!

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Since hearing Tanya spread the Feng Shui word I have personally done a few small things around my house, and I am happy to report that I've officially moved from skepticism to full on believer. I freshened up my front porch with a new spring welcome mat, finally found inspiration to finish decorating my entry way and I may have added a few pictures of places we want to travel in the Helpful People & Travel section of my house (the lower right space of the Bagua). I am also happy to report that we have booked every single trip we wanted to take since setting the intention to do so. 

BIG thanks to Anne Holland of Holland Photo Arts for tagging along and snapping some beautiful shots of Tanya. 

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