Fitness Success at Alpine CrossFit


Here at Urban Gossip, we wanted to interview a few fitness establishments in the Denver metro area. It seemed perfect that I would personally conduct the Alpine CrossFit interview because I have done CrossFit before. And by ‘before’, I mean almost 10 years ago.  I know, I’m a revolutionary!  CrossFit is one of my favorite ways to get in a serious workout while having a coach make sure you aren’t doing it completely WRONG!  I love that the workout of the day, aka WOD, is posted each day so even if you can’t get in for a class (which is the way I prefer, ya know, trying to keep up with the fit people), then you can come in at a time that works for you and still reap all the rewards of the class workout (except you probably won’t try as hard).

Alpine CrossFit is right in my old stomping grounds: off Ward Rd and I-70, just a little N/E of Drake Middle School, on the Arvada, Wheat Ridge city line. Ahh… the memories of going to middle school, so close to the former Jolly Rancher factory.  The countless mornings spent trying to guess what flavor was being made because the sweet green apple smell permeated a 2-mile radius... AND I digress to talking about sweets when this is supposed to be about fitness…

I was pleasantly surprised to interview Alpine CrossFit owner Annie Brunner - a professional soccer player and former CU Soccer Coach (Go Buffs)!  I entered the facility in between classes and was quickly reminded of why I fell in love with CrossFit.  The warehouse space brightly painted with an energetic green, the nice and tidy layout of equipment that gives you just the motivation needed to get in a great workout.  I asked Annie some questions about her business, drive and a few other tid-bits about CrossFit, so you can show up confident, excited and prepared!


So, what is Alpine CrossFit all about?

Alpine CrossFit has been a cornerstone in the community, continually being recognized as one of the Top 10 gyms in the state. This regional recognition is no coincidence – their program and coaches transform members through intense training. Their goal at Alpine is to instill confidence in all members, aspire them towards excellence, and celebrate all of their successes!

Urban Gossip: Give me a breakdown of what CrossFit entails:

Annie Brunner: The first 10-15 minutes is a warmup. The next 15 minutes is a strength or a skill focusing on something you haven’t learned before: hand stand push up, pull-ups, muscle-ups... Then we end with a 20 min average conditioning piece.  That’s the biggest misconception - we don’t work out the full hour, the first half is a warm up.

UG: What drives you?

AB: Being in the microgym space is challenging and I enjoy a challenge. It’s a niche group of people that will dedicate an hour of their day to a hard workout. This is something that I love. My motivation comes from loving to share fitness and CrossFit with other people.  This drives my motivation to share with people and keep it benefiting them.

UG: What is something most people don’t know about your business?

AB: I would say most people don’t know that we have an older population - our average age is 38! We’re very well rounded in addressing whatever age and physical limitations you may have.  It doesn’t have to be all or BUST!  We are very accommodating and want to make sure people are getting better.  A serious part of CrossFit is safety and modifications.

UG: What has surprised you most about owning Alpine CrossFit?

AB: I think a lot of people would say this, but, I’m still surprised by how much physical labor is involved outside of the workouts.  Changing lights, cleaning floors, patching walls. It’s an old building so things are constantly breaking.

UG: Have You seen any big changes in the surrounding areas neighborhoods as far as competition?

AB: It’s unique, there’s some new competition out there but we are up for it. I would say people are eager to get involved here.  The light rail is helping keep a younger crowd and a tech and engineer focused demographic.

UG: What are your goals for the next year for Alpine?

AB: I’ve always wanted to diversify our offerings, and I think we are already doing a pretty good job. We offer dry needling and muscle activation in-house.  We have a weight lifting program, and we are starting Kid’s Realm with kid’s weight lifting. Hopefully by next December we will have a weightlifting competition and a robust kid’s division that can compete, too.

UG: Tell me more about the in-house add on options.

AB: Dry needling + Muscle therapy - it's another part of the whole wellness lifestyle.  We can’t just give you CrossFit and let nutrition and things like that go out the window. Or work you really hard and not help you recover or take you away from your family for an hour while you leave the kids at home. We want to make sure this place is well rounded.  More services are going to make it more convenient for our members to reach their goals.

UG: What are some odd requests from clients?

AB: I don’t have any… they all seem to pertain to fitness, haha!

UG: What is your most memorable experience with a client? 

AB: We had one of our athletes, she’s a very good athlete, she is 55 +, who participated in the CrossFit Open last year and was able to go onto the next level of competition! She is a part of the 5:30 am crew (they are a big family).  So, she got a series of extra workouts, and she had to fit it all in 3 days… she would workout morning and at night to get it all done.  The 5:30am crew and families were all here cheering her on.  Finally, Sunday she finished at 9am and she brought in a bottle of tequila and we all celebrated!  It was very memorable!

UG: What kind of results can someone expect to see from doing CrossFit?

AB: A lot of CrossFit is compound movements which makes it just as effective without the time commitment.  I would say CrossFit will improve body composition. There are a lot of athletes that want to gain, and our coaches and myself will give specific advice and guidance like: how do I eat to perform vs how do I eat for esthetics. It can be tailored to each athlete’s wants and needs. A lot of girls fear getting too muscular from CrossFit, but that takes hours and hours a day.  I would challenge any female that worries about it to start and see how long that would take.


UG: Tell me a little about the daily routine here: classes and what people can expect.

AB: We offer before and after work classes for the most part, plus a lunch workout. We start at 5:30am and have a few classes then.  It’s definitely our largest class.  We then start classes again at 4:00pm and go until 7:30pm. Classes are one hour.

UG: Tell me about your staff.

AB: One full time coach, myself, and then we have 4 contractor coaches.  Most of our coaches have been coaching for 5 years or more and are highly certified.  We are super blessed to have the coaches that we have!

UG: What is your personal benefit from CrossFit both physically and mentally?

AB: I got turned onto it because I’m a very competitive person, being a professional soccer player is something that is engrained in me. When you do a workout you can track it against what other people do and that excites me. I’m also less injured than when I was a soccer player. I feel more capable, and I’m a better snowboarder!! 

UG: What does your daily routine look like? Workout, food, cheat day…

I workout before noon.  I’m a macro tracker, I’m not super diligent about planning things out. I will prep meals and everything, but I try to eat when I want, and I record it to see where I’m at for the day.  I’m not super strict but I do track everything. I don’t eat too much junk food.  I eat eggs, sweet potatoes and chicken… I eat a lot of cookies.  I’d say I eat pretty normal.

UG: Where can we find you outside of Alpine?

AB: I love to get on the slopes.  I grew up in Winter Park and it’s my favorite. I dabbled with the Epic Pass and I just don’t like I-70.  You can find me there on Wednesdays.  If I’m not there I’m hanging with the family.

UG: Who did you play soccer for and are you still playing?

AB: I played for the Western New York Flash- they’re the North Carolina Courage now. It’s funny, I do kind of play still… the gym has a soccer team and I told them “I don’t want to be the goal keeper… I’m tired of it!” I want to play on the field.

UG: what are the rates?

AB: Come try a class for free! Then when you're ready to sign up:

  • $165 for unlimited
  •  $145 for 3 times a week
  • $140 for students


 Alpine CrossFit

12090 W 50th Pl

Wheat Ridge CO 80033