Elevate Yourself at AIR® Aerial Fitness Denver

Talk about an experience not to be missed! We hung out (see what I did there?) at AIR® Denver with Studio Manager + Trainer, and former Nuggets dancer Katy Paulson, and got all the gossip on aerial yoga. The space, the vibe, the hammocks.. where do we even begin?

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AIR® has been in Denver since October and is steadily gaining a cult following, and it’s easy to see why. AIR®/Aerials build a stronger core, faster. Hands down, aerials are the fastest way to tone your abs and strengthen your core. Once you take your routine off the ground, you lose your point of stability and start to engage your core without even realizing it. When you start focusing on your core, you realize that all your muscles are connected through your core and with a strong core, you can run faster, master a handstand, and improve the rest of your workouts as well.  

Urban Gossip: What makes AIR® unique?

Katy Paulson: We focus on fitness and core work. The signature AIR® format is called FOUNDATION and it’s a killer format that builds the skill set you need to do all the cool aerial tricks and poses. AIR® FOUNDATION is for all levels of ability from beginner to advanced. AIR® also offers private lessons and pre-class orientation to familiarize yourself with the hammocks before you come in.

UG: How do you decide what the classes are like?

KP: They’re totally customizable to the wants and needs of our community. Right now I’m working on adding in some stretching classes which people are very excited about. The nice thing about AIR® is that I am able to completely customize the schedule to what people want to be doing in class. We can do things like guided mediation to music. It’s really cool.

UG: What has surprised you most about being at AIR®?

KP: How much fun it is to work out! I have tried the treadmills, the weights, the gyms.. it’s fine, I can do that and see some results but this I don’t even realize I’m working out. I’m laughing and smiling and having fun the whole time.

UG: What is something that your clients are surprised by?

Definitely how fun it is, and also how capable they are. People don’t know what they can do until they’re actually doing it. I love to put people in different shapes and through different transitions that they would never think to try. And then they surprise themselves and to see the joy of accomplishment on their faces is priceless.

UG: What are your upcoming goals?

For AIR® we want to get the word out so everyone can try it. It may not be for everyone, but there are a lot of people that will love it and I want them to come in a discover how awesome it is here. Personally, I am working on choreography and recently choreographed an aerial yoga dance – it’s a mix of my yoga background, my dance background and a little burlesque, too!

UG: Will we be seeing more AIR® studios around town?

KP: Possibly! Stay tuned for more details, and let us know if you want to see us in your neighborhood!

UG: What’s the class schedule like right now?

KP: We currently have evening classes, lunchtime classes and on the weekends we have classes in the mornings. It’s nice to have the flexibility we have now to grow our class schedule around the needs of our clients. We may even add more classes during the week in the mornings. There are also workshops like Love Is In The Air acro-yoga and 2-week #SilkSisters Challenge kicks off on Monday, Feb 19  (through March 4). Teams of 2 people who pay $50/each for 2 weeks of unlimited fitness classes at our studio and compete to earn points and win prizes. The 2-week #SilkSisters challenge is extremely popular and really motivates people to team up with friends, be held accountable for showing up to work out, and build camaraderie.  

UG: What are the prices?

KP: Everyone gets a free class! Drop in classes are $30 and we also have 4 class ($70), 8 class ($130) and monthly memberships, annual memberships ($1700) and 20 class ($480) passes – a little something for everyone depending on how often you come in! And the best part: March Membership Madness is coming up! We are offering 30% off annual memberships and 20 class packages. Now is the time to join!