Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Hopefully your day is filled with family, laughter, hunting for brightly colored eggs, fresh-cut tulips and maybe even some marshmallow Peeps® (if you're into gross seasonal treats). 

My family has been preparing for Easter for about a week. We started off with some really fun (and very messy) Easter egg coloring. The kids loved it! The adults? We wished it was a little warmer outside so the mess wasn't tracked through the house. But, seeing the kids have so much was worth the clean up. 

This year we used America's Favorite Easter Tradition PAAS® dye kit, and Easter Unlimited® Bumpin' Color Easter Eggs. We thought about getting Pinterest creative and trying whipped cream and food coloring but decided to leave those details to the experts. 

My personal favorite was the Easter Unlimited® Bumpin' Color Easter Eggs (pictured below). It was simple, the final product is so unique and bumpin' the egg around was pretty fun! Although I do love dropping the egg in the bowl of dye and waiting for it to turn my favorite shade of purple, that took a backseat this year.

easter 1.jpg

We rounded out the week with an Easter egg hunt, checking out the goodies in our Easter baskets (the Easter Bunny NEVER disappoints) and a family brunch with delicious food, good company and a round of naps. Share some of your traditions with us so we can start stashing ideas away for next year!